April Artist Spotlight

I work in a wide variety of mediums, focusing primarily on acrylic and gouache painting, pen and ink illustration, and graphite and charcoal drawings. My work stems from a love of illustration and graphic novels fostered as a child.

McEachern Art Center will be hosting an art show for graduating seniors of Mercer University on April 15th. Among the artists exhibiting is Isabel Newberry, a current Board Member of the St. Francis Arts Center.

Isabel’s artwork featured in the show is the culmination of almost two years of work. The painting pictured above is one of eight pieces dealing with the theme of depression and chronic illness during a time of isolation.

Isabel currently works in a wide range of mediums doing commissions for local businesses, however, she is looking forward to a career in illustrating graphic novels or teaching art. You can find her online portfolio here.

The Senior Exhibition opens on April 15, 6-8 PM at the McEachern Art Center located at 332 Second St, Macon GA. Admission is free. Normal gallery hours are from 4-8 PM and if you would like to know more about the gallery and what they do, you can visit their website.

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